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Upgrade Time Part 1

It was about that time for a bit of a PC upgrade. That of course turned out to be a complete understatement. I managed to get my hands on a new graphics card about a month ago. You see, i’ve never owned an 80’s series card from Nvidia. I’ve always relied on mid-range and sometimes low-end variants of my cards in the past. That all changed once the new GTX 1080’s actually became not only available, but in stock. That second part was a miracle in and of itself for anyone else looking to upgrade. None were in stock anywhere other than overpriced Amazon and Ebay sellers looking to capitalize.



I wasn’t wasting my time there and waited on stock to fill. My patience paid off or perhaps i just got lucky. Either way, i snagged an EVGA 1080 FTW off Newegg during a late night gaming session and couldn’t be happier. Upgrading from my 970 has almost doubled my graphics power. Now none of this means all that much since i’m running a 24″ 1080p monitor, but i have plans to fix that soon as well. For now I’ll enjoy a bit of a horsepower boost. Obligatory benchmarks incoming, and yes they’re glorious. Stay tuned for another upgrade around the corner.




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