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My final piece of ascended armor has at long last been crafted. I'm now officially fully ascended and relieved to be so. While most of my materials were acquired through the ever exciting farming method, many of my remaining bits and pieces came thanks to the price drop in cloth materials from the auction house. That damn silk cloth was a bummer prior to the expansion but has leveled off to an affordable price thanks to more frequent drops. I've sure noticed my material storage stocking up on cloth these past few weeks.

Guild Wars 2

I'm fairly happy with the soldiers stats i decided to go with. I gained around 4k health and 600 armor but lost a bit of crit damage in the process. That was a compromise i was willing to make but many others may not have been. I'm fine with that because it fits my playstyle much better. Damage for survivability helps me not only in the new zones while i explore but also fits perfectly should i choose to hop in some WvW. Not being a fan of glass cannon builds helped my decision tremendously as well.

That's not to say i'm completely done with all of my crafting. My next goal is to make myself an offhand axe to go with my main hand sword. Following that with a staff at some point down the road as well as a mace to finish off all my out of water weapons. It'll be a while though since i currently can't afford the recipes for any of those yet! Those damn laurels really go fast when you don't have a guild and discounted accessories. In due time though.

It's been a rather eventful week for me following the release of Heart of Thorns. My decision to switch mains form thief to revenant put a pretty large dent in my time in the new zones. Actually, i would say i spent around 95% of my time in old zones trying to acquire skill points to unlock everything on revenant. So much so that i went and got every single one of them, which took forever. It wasn't all bad since i got to see the wonderful zones i hadn't visited in years, but it detracted away from the expansion quite a bit. In the end i didn't mind it.

Now, what's the first thing a newly leveled revenant does? Why he crafts himself a legendary weapon of course! A Bolt to be more specific. One that i had been working on before i quit a few years ago. The majority of the materials i had already stockpiled in my bank with the exception of the ones requiring artificing which i didn't have leveled. I took the opportunity to remedy that while using it to level my revenant once all my boost were consumed. The tricky part was the precursor which took a bit of a price hit in my favor due to the expansion. That allowed me to be able to afford the last piece of the pie.

I'm now an official owner of a Bolt. The sword takes my grand total to a whopping two legendaries. I know this isn't a lot compared to most players but i'm still happy with them. It's a bit unfortunate i won't be seeing my shortbow for a while since i can't use it on revenant. Hopefully down the line my weapon sets get updated and expanded so i can make full use of all of them. Perhaps the new legendaries grab my attention and i can start working on one of them next. For now, i'll be running around electrocuting myself.

I've been a bit busy playing catchup with my gear in preparation for Heart of Thorns launch in a few days. Having zero pieces of ascended gear other than my rings, amulet, and back piece upon my return had me working overtime to try and acquire as many as i could before Friday's launch. Thankfully, as annoying and time consuming as this has been, the gear is account bound. I'll be able to hand it over to my Revenant once he dings 80.

Guild Wars 2

I've not managed to get a full set yet thanks to the horrible time gating on every piece, but i'm getting there. Silk cloth has been another road block thanks to every piece requiring at least 300 of those bastards. It could be worse and i could be making cloth armor, which requires even more, but i'm a plate wearer at heart. I'm currently only missing leg and shoulder pieces for my full armor set.

Bucking the trend even further, i decided to go with a Soldier's set rather than Berserker for my armor. I bounced back and forth on this issue for a while, even considering Valkyrie, but i settled on the extra vitality and toughness that Soldier's provides. Given the already high crit rate and perma fury Rev already has, i didn't see the need for more. I'm happy with the extra survivability as well as the option to tank. All my accessories and weapons are already Berserker's anyway.

Guild Wars 2

Current armor set looks like this:

Current weapons look like this:

I'd like to get a staff, 2-hand hammer, and an offhand axe crafted as well. Those will come once i finish my armor and will cover all the available weapons Rev has access to. Once those are completed, i'll be ready to roll. I'm actually not that far off but there's still a lot of materials i need and the bloody 24 hour cooldown on these components will slow me down. Regardless, i'm looking better than i was a month ago. Bring on HoT!

I've made it no secret that i'm excited about raids coming to GW2. One of the main reasons i stopped playing the game a few years ago was due to their absence. What actually got me interested in GW2 from the start was the actual absence of said raids ironically. The more i played the game, the more i missed not only the larger group pve environments that raids bring but also the combat mechanics involved with them - the trinity. I moved over to a game that gave me that experience.

I also understand why so many are hesitant and downright hostile towards raids coming to GW2. After all, this game was billed as different and lots of players, myself included, came to it to get away from raids and everything that usually entails. I personally know people that will probably stop playing the game once the expansion hits. While i believe this to be a huge overreaction i do understand their concerns. No one likes change, but in this case, change is good in my opinion. As long as it's handled better than my previous experience.

The group pve in GW2 was stale and rather dull from the start. Once players figured out how to game the system by bringing nothing but pure dps built characters, the content became trivial. I mean why deal with mechanics when you can just burn through the bosses and never encounter them? This turned dungeon runs from "explorable" to time trials. It became all about getting though the content as quickly as possible as opposed to actually clearing difficult content. This was the time i decided to depart. My favorite aspect of MMORPG's , the group content, was trivialized. I was bummed because i loved everything else about the game.

Enter Heart of Thorns and the arrival of 10-man raids. I unfortunately was unable to do any testing during this last beta weekend due to raids being down during the time i was able to actually play. I've read enough threads and watched enough kill videos to form an early opinion. There's certainly some good to be gathered from the initial raid testing, but as with anything new, there's some bad as well. I'm linking a kill video of the first boss kill from a healing Druid's point of view for anyone interested on how healing will work in the expansion.

The Good

It looks like threat is a real thing finally. Well it always was but now it's more controllable and less random. This first boss appears to attack and stay on the player with the most toughness and possibly highest armor value. I've been asking for this forever and it's nice to see in action. Whether this stays true for further bosses or how threat may change is unknown.

Another obvious one is the existence of an actual healer. This is made mandatory by a mechanic that pulses out steady raid wide unavoidable damage. Without an actual healer, i don't believe the raid could sustain themselves for more than a few seconds. Nor should they be able to in all honesty. This is basic raid stuff here and it's nice to see finally implemented.

Despite not showing up in this video due to a beta bug is the existence of new raid frames. Oh how i begged for something like this at launch so we could get the guild together under one group frame instead of multiple separate groups unable to stick together in large world PVP encounters. Group buffs will still be broken down by 5-man sub groups, like they used to in old school MMO's, but now we can keep track of everyone's health. This is a huge quality of life addition that will trickle down to other game modes.

Having actual mechanics to worry about rather than just stacking up and going full dps mode is also nice. Soaking lightning orbs and using knockbacks on red orbs as well as having to split the groups up for other phases will be a welcome addition for sure.

Lastly, having the group raid size set to ten is also a plus for me. I've dealt enough with the logistics of having to not only field but maintain a 20-man roster that i don't want to do it again. While i personally prefer the larger raid size, it's been nothing but a headache for me so i welcome the smaller format. It's more intimate and that's the way i like it. I'm not a fan of anything smaller so this hits the sweet spot for me.

The Bad

The zerker meta is not dead. As much as i hoped the introduction of more difficult content would deter guilds from running nothing but dps gear, it seems that raids might just encourage it more. Tight enrage timers will do that of course. I expect this to possibly change for other bosses so it's not all a loss just yet.

Group diversity as far as classes go is also a concern after this first boss. Some classes are just flat out better than others for certain scenarios. In this case it seems stacking condition damage Engineers makes the fight much easier to deal with. Not only is the boss immune to physical damage at one point but bringing condition Engineers also allows for more ranged and mobile damage when dealing with other mechanics. Again, this is just one encounter and i expect this to change boss by boss.

Piling on the diversity train here, i also have to mention the role breakdown. This group used one healer and nine dps with one dps having a bit more armor to tank the boss. This to me is a horrible ratio. I'd have liked to see something more traditional such as two tanks and two healers with the rest being dps. The balance for this first boss as far as role diversity goes is terrible. I'm hoping this is just to introduce players to how fights will work and the later bosses will encourage many more roles. I can't possibly imagine Anet is happy with more dps stacking.

Finally, ground and spell particles are off the charts. This was to be expected of course since they're a jumbled mess in open world content as well. Unfortunately in raids, being able to see the ground and whether or not you're standing in something bad is way more crucial. A slider has been needed to turn down other players spells for quite some time. Hopefully the feedback Anet has been getting about this finally gets addressed and we get this much needed option.


All in all i thing this is a good beginning to raiding in GW2. How the future bosses in this first raid expand mechanically from the first boss will determine how successful this new form of endgame can be moving forward. Can Anet make interesting bosses within their combat system? Only they know for now but this is a good start. It's certainly much better group PVE content than what we've had for the last 3 years. I'm remaining positive for now with some concerns of course.

Wooden Potatoes always does a fabulous job with his GW2 videos and his raiding feedback one is no exception. He goes into much more detail having had the chance to actually test. It's definitely a good watch for anyone interested. I share many of his concerns as well has likes.

Upon returning to GW2 from my two year hiatus, i was greeted with increased crafting levels. My level 400 armorsmith and weaponsmith needed to be brought up to the new cap of 500. As with any newer MMO where crafting is relatively easy and not very important, it didn't take long to get myself to cap. Hurray for simple guides designed to help players get to where they need to as cost effectively as possible. Ugh, i so despise crafting post old school MMORPG's. Bring back all the annoyances!

Guild Wars 2

That's not to say crafting is completely useless in GW2. The new ascended gear, which is the best gear in the game currently, is all crafted. This at least ensures materials will always have a value in the economy. There are two major down sides to this though. Some of the crafting materials must be also crafted and are time gated. The final crafted product itself cannot be sold and is account bound.

Guild Wars 2

While this is great for alts, it also means that you as a player have to actually level a craft if you're interested in this gear. You can no longer just play the auction house and buy everything. I'm torn as to how i feel about this, but regardless, it's done and i can focus on farming the materials required for a full set. For my first piece, i went with the sword. I plan to main a Revenant in HoT so it made the most sense. The remaining armor and weapons are going to take a long time to complete, which is great actually.

Guild Wars 2

What a fantastic and relaxing month of little to no posts this was. I followed 31 posts in 31 days in August with a total of two posts all of September. I hadn't planned on slacking this much and taking a break but it just sort of happened. I wouldn't say i was burned out or anything after Blaugust as much as my hiatus was probably due to not playing much of anything or really following any MMO news.

That's not to say i completely took a step away from any game as i've been playing a lot of GW2. I just haven't had anything to write home about so to speak. I'm still trying to play catch-up after being away for over two years since so much has changed. One aspect that hasn't changed is how busy and alive the game world feels. It's amazing what happens when you take players out of instances and give them something to do out in the open. I absolutely love this stuff. Blizz take note. Seeing a sea of names constantly makes me all warm inside.

The zerg PVE train commences. All aboard the Heart of Thorns hype.

Well looks who's back playing some GW2. My self imposed absence for more than two years finally ended this past week. Thanks to the beta weekend event, i was able to get my hands on the Revenant for the first time, which i really enjoyed. So much so that it persuaded me to actually purchase the expansion which drops in about a month or so. I'm currently on hiatus from WoW so it was perfect timing. I craved an MMO to play and there it was staring at me, calling out my name.

Guild Wars 2 Dreamer

I'd be lying if i said i hadn't missed certain aspects of the game these years away. To this day i still believe GW2 has the best leveling experience of any MMO i've played. The game world didn't let me down when i logged in again. Perhaps it was due to being on a high population server but there were so many people out and about. I absolutely love how active the game seems thanks to all the events going on in every map. Even the low level zones were pretty active when i ran through them. Your experience may vary of course.

Unfortunately it was also a sad day as i decided to put my Thief and his unicorn bow in semi-retirement for a while. I'm not sure what possessed me to level one and make it my main in the first place. I've always been a fan of plate wearing classes in every MMO in the past. I'm definitely not sure what convinced me to farm my butt off for that legendary bow either. Well, that's not true. I mean look at that mystical steed and try not to be amazed or giddy. Sure it's ridiculous and over the top but that's what makes it so amazing. For now, i'm setting my sights on Revenant. Stay gold ponyboy.


Raids in my GW2? Well i shouldn't really call it "my" since i've not played for almost two years now. Regardless, when i heard ArenaNet were implementing 10-man raids with the new expansion, i couldn't help but sit up in my chair and get excited. I immediately clicked over to their website to see how much they were changing for the expansion. Another case of a short teaser trailer getting the job done as far as advertising goes i suppose. Will it be enough though? That all depends on how well they're received and how well they actually work.

I absolutely loved every other aspect of the game from the world itself to the way leveling worked. To this day it's by far my favorite leveling experience of any MMO i've ever played. Even the art style was a perfect mix of realism with a bit of cartoony flair. I mean the game world encouraged exploration for pete's sake. Yet another aspect that fit my playstyle perfectly. So why did i move on despite loving almost every aspect of the game?

GW2 Beta
Leveling during beta

The main reason i stopped playing GW2 was specifically because i found the group PVE content lacking. That aspect is what i live for, why i play, and why i got into the genre in the first place. I enjoy difficult and organized group content built for more than one group or party, depending on how you look at it. At the time of my departure, all we had were Fractals of the Mists, which were never ending and scaling dungeons. They were locked to five players and involved basically getting your resistance to Agony as high as possible just to stay alive. I really wasn't a fan of that mechanic or the fact that it was locked to five players so i moved on.

The new raids, or raid i suppose, will be bumped up to ten players. That's a pretty significant change in my eyes. One that i wonder what the reaction will be towards from the playerbase. I know a lot of players that stopped playing for the exact reason that i did but i also know just as many that continued because they were done with the whole raiding aspect. GW2 offered them exactly what they were looking for while the pro-raiding players could go back to you know where. Again, execution will be everything.

GW2 Dreamer
First Unicorn bow visual

The first benefit that came to my mind when i heard this news was actually about the UI elements. How i begged Anet to let us link multiple groups together and form a raid/alliance group for World vs. World. I hated the complete clusterfuck it felt like sometimes when we had our entire guild out for reset night. There was no way of keeping tabs on everyone since they were all in their own groups. Players would get scattered and separated and unorganized beyond belief. We ended up just making five man groups and sending them out on different missions just to cope with the system. It really didn't feel like we were playing as a guild.

Now i'm curious if they've solved this issue with the ten-man raids or if they're going to take the lazy way out and just leave it be. Two separate groups trying to work together to overcome objectives. Sure it'll be easier since it's way less players than open world PVP but i hope they fix the UI elements to allow multiple group linking. Hell, maybe they did already since i've not played for so long? Someone let me know in the comments below! At either rate, if they do this right i think it'll fix two issues with one stone, so to speak.

GW2 Dreamer
Updated Unicorn bow visual

The other issue i see is how exactly the encounters will work. If they're just going to be zergfests with respawning and running back over and over, then i feel they'll be colossal failures. This is something raiders, myself included, don't like very much. It cheapens the encounter and encourages sloppy play. I saw this enough with the five-man versions and it really turned me off. I'm actually not sure how they plan to fix this issue with anything short of a complete rethinking of what a raid can be. Instead of basing encounters off damage, they'd need to base them off completing tasks or puzzles. That sounds very interesting to me for sure. Whether or not Anet goes in this direction is yet to be determined, but i don't see any other way short of changing the combat system to a trinity based one.

Well damn did this post become way longer than i had anticipated. I could probably go on for a few more paragraphs but i'll stop here for now. I will say that i think the expansion has enough for me to consider coming back. Whether or not i stick with it will be completely dependant on how well the group content will be moving forward. I'll use any excuse to whip out my legendary shortbow again and cover the skies with unicorn rainbows. Hopefully they haven't changed that yet again into something unrecognizable. Anet seems to be following Etienne's philosophy, which i can admire.

Etienne Navarre: Each generation is called upon to follow its own quest.
Phillipe: And what is your quest?
Etienne Navarre: I must kill a man.
Phillipe: Tell me - does this walking corpse have a name? - Ladyhawke (1985)


Call it a hobby within a hobby if you will, but one of my favorite activities within the MMO landscape is collecting screenshots.  One particular type of screenshot that i love taking is of character names that catch my eye, and not in a good way.  It's more of a pet peeve than anything but i absolutely despise characters with terrible names.  It's an immersion breaking aspect for me, as silly as that may sound to some!

I'm not sure what possesses people to not give a damn about their names but they constantly amaze me with their creativity and more often silliness.  I guess i just don't understand putting so little thought into something they're going to be looking at for the next few years.  I suppose they don't care though, which is a shame in and of itself.

Despite not having played GW2 in over a year now, i amassed quite a collection during that time.  Some of them are actually quite clever, to be honest, while some are down right stupid.  I've posted these numerous times on our community forum but never on here for some reason.  So here they are in all their glory.  Which one's your favorite?

While i really haven't played much of GW2 for the past two months now, the Achievement rework patch had me back in for a bit.  Anet decided to retroactively give out a bunch of stuff, including Zenith weapons skins, based on your total achievement points.  This sounded great in theory until i logged in to see myself over 3000 points behind one of my friends.  We sort of had a nice healthy competition going for a while, which was pretty back and forth and quite fun.  Unfortunately now i see myself never catching up to him, which is perfectly fine, but also a real bummer.

Part of the problem i have with the game is this exact aspect.  Those points can never be made up again with all of the temporary content being released every 2 weeks now.  Sure this encourages players to log in more in fear of missing something, but it also punishes players for playing their way.  Needless to say I'm not a fan of temporary content, especially when it rewards what could basically be called GW2's endgame equivalent in achievement points.  The rewards looks pretty spiffy though!

Guild Wars 2 Zenith Hammer
Guild Wars 2 Zenith Hammer
Guild Wars 2 Zenith Greatsword
Guild Wars 2 Zenith Greatsword
Guild Wars 2 Zenith Sword
Guild Wars 2 Zenith Daggers

Completing 8 of the 12 possible Dragon Bash achievements rewards you with a holographic skin for your back slot.  It just happens to be a skin similar to The Shatterer's wings, which i always thought looked fantastic.  The achievements themselves are pretty simple, which always annoys me.  I'd prefer tasks a little more difficult that just running around and clicking on stuff or eating dozens and dozens on newly implemented treats.  I imagine every single player will have one of these by the time this event is over, and i suppose that's ok since it is just an event.  I'd still like the events themselves to be a bit more involved than they are though.

I had to toss my wings on my guardian since i just spent almost half of my money upgrading my thief's back slot with the fractal capacitor.  I don't mind though since it seems to fit much better with plate armor and color scheme I'm using anyways.  There goes the fractal back piece i had on him though!


I decided to jump right into the new Dragon Bash PvP mini-game called Dragon Ball.  What better way to do so than using the Jack Burton method of just running right in without any prior knowledge?  Absolutely no better method of course.  Not knowing what you're supposed to do or what the hell the objective is can be and usually is a ton of fun.  Unfortunately, with most PvP related games, it generally boils down to running around and killing people and Dragon Ball is no exception.  Regardless, it was still a ton of fun launching around and shooting fireballs at people.

More mini-pets is always a good thing.  Many players were greeted with a nice collection upon logging into the Dragon Bash festival.  Three came in the mail, while a fourth came from drops.  Unfortunately, i haven't had the chance to acquire the fifth one yet.  While neat and fitting of the theme, i find them a little difficult to see.  Nevertheless, being followed by a hologram is pretty cool.

Mini Holographic Risen Knight
Mini Holographic Risen Knight
Mini Holographic Branded Minotaur
Mini Holographic Branded Minotaur
Mini Holographic Corrupted Wolf
Mini Holographic Corrupted Wolf
Mini Holographic Axe Wielding Destroyer
Mini Holographic Axe Wielding Destroyer

I've made it no secret how much i absolutely love GW2's dye system.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping all future MMO's adopt the quantity and ease of use of this system.  Being able to dye multiple parts of every piece of gear at any time is just amazing.  No need to go to an NPC or home town or anything like that, just click and you're done.  Glen Danzig would approve.

Guild Wars 2 Dyes

Guild Wars 2 Dyes

Collecting dyes became something to do for me when not running dungeons or fractals.  Since I'm a nut job that thinks buying them defeats the purpose, my collection is still not complete and may never be.  I've managed to collect a ton of them through just every day playing and by trading with guildies for colors i needed.  Unfortunately, I'm now stuck at the point of only needed rare dyes!  Help me Obi-Wan, send me your dyes.

Here's where i stand:  366/415 or 88%

  • Starter Dyes - 21/21
  • Common Dyes - 181/181
  • Uncommon Dyes - 119/119
  • Rare Dyes - 45/82
  • Flame & Frost Dyes - 0/12

I'm not sure what possessed me to log onto GW2 after a month off and plop down half of my gold on a back piece.  I'm blaming it on my incessant need to organize and clean up my inventory, which was a mess the last time i logged in.  My bank filled with not only fractal currency but row after row of fractal rings that I'll never do anything with.  To be fair, i had all the mats including 250 ectos for the first upgrade so all i had to buy was a second stack of them.  Who am i kidding, it was for the shiny, or in this case for the sparkly.

Guild Wars 2 Fractal Capacitor
Sparlky Unicorn
Guild Wars 2 Fractal Rings
Ready to propose to a bunch of people
Guild Wars 2 Fractal Capacitor

Guild Wars 2 Fractal Capacitor

Well done Anet, well done.  You've managed to successfully take me back to the laste 80's and my childhood Nintendo days.  This new mini dungeon is amazing and put a huge smile on my face the moment i zoned into it.  Almost made me bust out my old Nintendo Power magazine for cheat codes and secret content walk-through.

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box

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