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ReviewQuest 2016

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ReviewQuest 2016

2016 has been a pretty lousy year. I’m going to stay away from celebrity deaths and politics as much as possible and just focus on my personal gaming and entertainment instead. In that regard, this has been a down year for me. I saw myself playing less and writing less. Those two go hand in hand for me so it was no surprise both went on a sharp decline this past year. Am I to blame or is the industry? I think it’s a little bit of both but in the end all on me. Let’s take a look at some stats:

  • 2014 Post Count = 44
  • 2015 Post Count = 88
  • 2016 Post Count = 28

By far the largest contributor to my declining post count totals this past year was not participating in the Blaugust event. That total came out to a staggering 31 fewer posts than the previous year. Basically, I posted more often in August of 2015 than I did all of last year! Now I’ve never been and will never be someone who posts on a daily basis. I simply feel I don’t have enough in-game shenanigans worth sharing that often. I do however feel I have more to share than I did in 2016.

Another major contributor to my declining play time has also been something rather silly. I’ve been watching more and more television. The good kind and not the atrocious network television nonsense. This was due to actually having a TV this year! For the last few years I’ve been without one after my large projection TV that I purchased in the early 2000’s finally died. I didn’t see a need to replace it since I spent most of my free time playing some form of an MMORPG.

Well that all changed when i splurged on a 55″ 4k beauty that grabbed my attention and never let go. That was also helped by the fact that soon after acquiring said TV, I discovered a couple little shows called Top Gear and The Walking Dead. Apparently I’ve been living under a virtual rock for the last decade. I’ve noticed myself going on large binge viewing sessions quite often and completely forgetting about playing anything. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, since I’ve enjoyed myself, but it has meant fewer posts.

My actually gaming play time was dominated by World of Warcraft, as evident by all my posts about blasted mounts!. Nothing even came close to the amount of hours I put into that game this year. That would have been difficult to do since the only other games I even loaded up this year were Black Desert Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Blade & Soul, and a little bit of GW2. None of those held my attention for any time at all and none of them had many posts, if any, about my time in them. My play times were short and my experienced forgettable.

This was also the year I bounced between MMO’s the least. That was actually a good thing because that’s my preferred play style. I like to find one game and stick with it as well as try to keep some consistency going with a group of friends or guildmates. I hate when players disappear so I try not to do it myself.

On a positive and completely ironic note, this was also the year of PC upgrades for me. A much needed GPU upgrade was followed by a massive monitor one as well. For the first time ever i had the system i always wanted and i was ready to blow away any and all requirements. I capitalized on that by playing less than i ever have! I certainly did not foresee this and fully intent on getting the most out of my system and play time moving forward. 

Finally, this was the year I stopped putting it off and migrated my site from Blogger to WordPress. This was something I should have done much sooner but didn’t see the need or urgency. The positives so far greatly outweigh the few negatives. I love owning everything I put up here instead of handing everything over to Google. I do miss my rankings though as my page hits have taken a bit of a hit, but that was to be expected. The migration was rather painless while the load times have been a work in progress and will continue to be. Hopefully any issues anyone has have been remedied. Let me know otherwise!

All in all, it’s been a lousy year for me gaming wise. The upside being that I can’t possibly see 2017 being anything other than an upgrade. Well damn, I’ve gone and jinxed it already. Sorry folks! Bring on 2017.

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  1. Roger Edwards (@ModeratePeril) January 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    I think may be we as a community need to be a little more supportive of each other. So [insert motivational comment here] 🙂

    Seriously, I totally know where you’re coming from. I fell into a decline in 2016. For me the remedy has been to rethink my goals. Streamline what works and get things done. Sideline what doesn’t.

    Good luck in 2017

    • Ald Shot First January 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm - Reply

      Actually you make a very good point about support. I noticed myself reading fewer blogs and posting less in comment sections this year as well. That’s definitely something else i’ll be working on this year.

      Thanks for the pep talk!

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