Power Realized

Power Realized

After a short break for the holidays I got back to what I was doing for most of my WoW playtime the last month or so. That of course being world quests and farming artifact power for my DK weapons. Ah the lovely artifact system we have the pleasure of dealing with this expansion. To be honest, I’m still on the fence about it for multiple reasons. One one hand, I love working on a weapon for the length of an expansion and seeing it grow in power. On the other hand, it really stinks for anyone that enjoys leveling alts. I am not an altoholic so I’m fine with it for now. I do dislike hopping on an alt and instantly feeling I’m behind. I know that’s a “me” problem but I like being ahead of the curve. This system always has me feeling lousy for not being on my main.

Power Realized

Now the weapon I started working on immediately once Legion dropped was my Unholy two-hander. I think I managed 24 levels on it before I decided to switch to Frost. My reason for switching was purely a dps output one more than anything and nothing more. I enjoy both specs so it wasn’t a big deal to me, unlike some of the rest of the DK community. There does seems to be a rather large pool of players that like one dps spec and hate the other. I don’t understand the hatred spewed towards each other in that regard. I blame this divide on why we can’t have nice things or properly communicate the classes weaknesses to the devs.

Blades of the Fallen Prince

Despite my switching, I managed to hit a couple of milestones the last few weeks. The first one being unlocking every artifact trait on my Frost weapon. I could have done this much sooner had I not decided to change specs but it still went rather quick. I didn’t use the normal method on spamming mythic dungeons since I wasn’t in any rush. This was purely world quest based with some random dungeons thrown in here and there. Capping my artifact knowledge shortly after also made working on my Unholy weapon that much easier. I chose to hop back to that once I unlocked the level 35 trait instead of continuing on. I set my goal of having all 3 of my weapons at 35 before I invest more points in any one weapon. I did this for mostly balance and patch reasons, since a new one is coming up. I was able to bang out Unholy as well and started working on Blood. My last weapon should go pretty quickly with max knowledge. Hopefully i can get to actually leveling some alts soon!


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