• MMO Funk

    No, this isn’t a mashup of the genre i love and some Parliament Funkadelic tossed in. As amazi…

  • Make My MMO

    I often get asked what I want from an MMO, or what i look for in one. This isn’t a difficult q…

  • MountQuest #136

    It’s been quite a while since my last mount conquest. Luck has zero to do with it this time fo…

  • Pantheon Gameplay

    In typical me fashion, I ended up missing the first ever Pantheon pre-alpha gameplay stream on Frida…

  • Contemplating Excuses

    For the first time in a really long time, i’ve been without an MMO for over a month. It’…

  • Black Desert Character Creator

    In a very nice surprise, Black Desert Online released a stand alone character creator here. Not only…

  • Blade & Soul & Time

    The first ever trailer released for Blade & Soul came way back in 2009. Let that sink in for a s…

  • Black Desert

    I’ve been trying to stay away from this one. My concerted effort to skip any and all upcoming …

  • I Am the Champion

    I’ve been in one of my moods for the past month or so. One of those bored with everything and …

  • Amani Battle Bear

    MountQuest #135 – Happy Festivus

    This one is a little bit late but you know what they say. I’ll call this one a Festivus miracl…

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