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Heroic Characters

Today’s the day that SoE allowed everyone to start or upgrade one EQ2 character to level 85 for free.  I took advantage of this by upgrading my Shadowknight, which was level 75 at the time.  While it only gave me 10 levels in total, it did provide me with a much needed gear upgrade as well.

I think i was more excited for elimination of the terribly restrictive gear unlocks than the levels themselves to be honest.  Not only did they give us a full set of legendary quality armor, accessories, and weapons but we also got a flying mount!  While I’m not normally fond of them in newer games, i think they have their place in games as old as this.  Hell, some of the zones are a pain without them.  The journey for the final 10 levels begins.

Dreadknight’s Stalwart Armor Set

Coldain Pegasus


  1. I find the character models leave much to be desired. They're as bad, if not worse than LoTRO models. Good thing there's lots of armor to cover them up!

  2. Nothing is as bad as LOTRO models! Still, you're right about the gear to cover up. It's really well done I think. Too bad I never played much EQ2. I was totally into WoW at the time with no room to add it in my schedule.

  3. Hehe. Absolutely spot on about LOTRO. Such an amazing game world yet such terrible characters. I very much still like the game though.

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