Upon returning to GW2 from my two-year hiatus, I was greeted with increased crafting levels. My level 400 armorsmith and weaponsmith needed to be brought up to the new cap of 500. As with any newer MMO where crafting is relatively easy and not very important, it didn’t take long to get myself to cap. Hurray for simple guides designed to help players get to where they need to as cost effectively as possible. Ugh, I so despise crafting post old school MMORPG’s. Bring back all the annoyances!

GW2 Ascended Sword

That’s not to say crafting is completely useless in GW2. The new ascended gear, which is the best gear in the game currently, is all crafted. This at least ensures materials will always have a value in the economy. There are two major down sides to this though. Some of the crafting materials must be also crafted and are time gated. The final crafted product itself cannot be sold and is account bound.

Guild Wars 2

While this is great for alts, it also means that you as a player have to actually level a craft if you’re interested in this gear. You can no longer just play the auction house and buy everything. I’m torn as to how I feel about this, but regardless, it’s done and i can focus on farming the materials required for a full set. For my first piece, i went with the sword. I plan to main a Revenant in HoT so it made the most sense. The remaining armor and weapons are going to take a long time to complete, which is great actually.

Guild Wars 2 Thief

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