Goodbye Blogger

It has been a hell of an eight year run but it was time to move on. Over those years i contemplated moving over to a self hosted WordPress site too many times to even mention. What stopped me each and every time was the thought of migrating all the images I’ve collected over the years. I have a lot of them and they’re all hosted on google servers linked to my blogger account. It was a simple little ecosystem I didn’t have to think about, which was nice, but it was just time to move on. I like the idea of owning everything i put up on my own server as opposed to blogger which pretty much owns everything I upload. Not that anything I uploaded there is worth a damn but i prefer to have that control to myself. WordPress fits me better at this stage.

Blogger to WordPress Migration

Now obviously getting all my posts over was nothing more than a one click simple import. The images on the other hand are going to take some time to import over. Some of my links seem to be fine while others don’t want to show up at all, which is weird and annoying. That was to be expected and hopefully not too much of an eyesore to visitors until i can go through every single post and fix them. It’s going to take a while unless there’s a simpler way. If there is please let me know! So far I’m loving the control panel options I didn’t have previously. However, I will miss the blogroll feature that doesn’t seem to exists as an option in WordPress. I’ll figure something out and get every blog link up that I follow as soon as I can. It’s a process so bear with me. Also update your blogroll links!

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