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FFXI Regrets

Call it bad timing or call it just my shitty luck. My regret of 2008 was not killing AV when we had the chance. It’s quite an annoying story now that i look back on it. During the summer, we had planned to do a bunch of JOL’s and we planned on downing AV. Unfortunately, the week we planned this, we had 4 DRK’s and a Kclub on vacation.

The plan was to do them the following week. Well, of course SE decided to shit on our parade and nerf Blood Weapon on AV that following week. Thinking back on it, i find it difficult to not get pissed off about it. As it stood, we were probably the only LS on Ramuh that could have killed AV. There are always negative people that would have said it wasn’t a legit strat. After 4 years of this ridiculous NM, i’d have taken it.

We’ll continue to try new idea’s until we figure something out.

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