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EQ2 Mount Check

I was lucky enough to have created my account long enough ago to qualify for the free prowler mount given to everyone last year.  The rest of my mounts are all rewards from quests in certain zones.  There’s a rather large variety but I’m trying to stay away from any mounts available via the cash shop.  I also find it interesting that some mounts are basic, some leapers, some gliders, and of course flyers.

Everquest 2 Opalescent Prowler
Opalescent Prowler
Everquest 2 Scaled Mountain Saliraptor
Scaled Mountain Saliraptor
Everquest 2 Carpet of El'khazi
Carpet of El’khazi
Everquest 2 Wind Comodo
Wind Comodo
Everquest 2 Rilissian Soldier's Mount
Rilissian Soldier’s Mount

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