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Christmas Loot

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Christmas Loot


This was a heck of a holiday season for me thanks to some wonderful friends and co-workers. Normally my gift giving extravaganza revolves around envelopes filled with either gift cards or money. Now normally this is great since I or they can then go get whatever they like. This year we went all out and didn’t do any of that. Instead we wrapped as many gifts as we could as terribly as we could. Seriously, no one seems to know how to wrap anything properly anymore. I’m personally the king of terribly wrapped gifts and proud of it! It’s ok since I enjoyed every moment of it. We were all so glad we went this route because it had been quite a few years and possibly decades since some of us got to rip open boxes and make a mess like this. We were totally kids in the 80’s all over again. Quite fitting since this was the year of Stranger Things. Now on with the show we go and in no particular order.

Christmas Loot

  • Deadpool Blanket – What better way to stay warm on the couch during a binge marathon session than to snuggle under everyone’s favorite sarcastic asshole? This was just what i needed.
  • Dethling Statue –  I love anything i can put on a shelf and display. This little guy fits right in.
  • Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition – I don’t own any collector’s edition box sets of anything. My friend had an extra one of these sitting around and remembered i really liked the mount from it. This was much appreciated.
  • World of Warcraft Hoodie – This was my secret santa gift at work. Holy crap is this nice and comfortable. Doesn’t look too shabby either.
  • Sriracha 2 Go – The joke being that i put hot sauce on everything so this’ll make it that much easier!
  • Personalized Warcraft Mousepad – I absolutely loved this gift because of the picture included in it. This was my first Christmas event in WoW.
  • Map of Azeroth – I needed more stuff to put up on my empty walls and this fit perfectly. It has a real Indiana Jones vibe.
  • Buckaroo Banzai Blu-ray – I don’t own a blu-ray player. I do have a rather large DVD collection of over 500. I’ve been slow to upgrade because i don’t really want  to rebuy all these again. Having one of my favorite cult 80’s movies may get me started.
  • Luke Skywalker Lightsaber – My friend used to work for Marvel in the 90’s. Now he makes authentic replicas on the side. This one is accurate and amazing. Much heavier than i thought it would be. A total surprise for sure.
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