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MountQuest #136

It’s been quite a while since my last mount conquest. Luck has zero to do with it this time fortunately. It had everything to do with not logging into WoW for the better part of three months now. What dragged me back this time? It certainly wasn’t the actual game or some gameplay related feature that’s for sure. No, it …

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MountQuest #134

Blue Dragonhawk

  This mount had me doing a double take and shaking my head for a bit. For some reason, i couldn’t figure out why my mount total went up by two after my last mount dropped. I thought i had somehow managed to forget a mount somewhere along the way. Had i just checked the achievement that popped up, all …

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MountQuest #133

Reins of the Bronze Drake

Once again i fail at collecting mounts. Another easy to acquire one that i was oblivious of, yet was super simple to get with a 100% drop rate. I’m of course talking about├é┬áReins of the Bronze Drake. Apparently i’ve never actually run The Culling of Stratholme on heroic difficulty or i’d have this mount already. Makes me wonder what other …

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Betas and Trailers

I’ll never understand betas for a game i’m already playing. Now a new game that may be on the horizon as a brand new entity, i’d be all over. For something i’ve been playing for a while? Not so much. That would take the fun out of the game for me. I don’t like knowing and don’t want to know …

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MountQuest #132

Reins of the Grove Warden

Well this was a nice surprise to see once my short lived hiatus from WoW ended. Blizz decided to add a mount reward for killing Heroic Archimonde. I should say, it’s in the form of a quest rather than a drop, but it’s still nice to have. The quest is nothing more than talking to an npc once the killing …

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MountQuest #131 – Shadowmourne

Shadowmourne & Tabard of the Lightbringer

My most recent mount came as a consolation prize for finishing my first ever legendary weapon quest. Yes i’m of course talking about Shadowmourne. I know it’s five or six years late but i’ve only been playing for two so it’s still an accomplishment for me. If it wasn’t for the Timewalking dungeons, i probably wouldn’t have even bothered so …

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Outfits UI

I shouldn’t be shocked that Blizzard has once again taken a system another MMO does better and implement their own version. What bothers me the most is that it took this damn long. I’m of course talking about the revamped transmog system coming with Legion. One that i’ve personally been begging for since i started playing the game. That of …

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Hate/Love Flying

World of Warcraft Flying Mounts

Today was the day of the ever highly anticipated flying patch. I was both bummed and excited in a way only i could be. Now, i’m sure other people feel the same way as i do, but perhaps in a different way. You see, i love flying but wish it was never implemented in the first place. It’s such a …

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Mattress Police – #Blaugust Day 19

  I’m back with another transmog set but this time for my warlock. I had been rocking a full green set for the longest time and i thought it was time for a change. I sort of had an overflow of green with that particular set and the fact that i have the green fire quest complete, so i wanted …

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Everything’ll Be Cool – #Blaugust Day 17


  Not much new info has seen the light pertaining to Artifact weapons. We’re a long way from anything resembling an expansion so it’s understandable. What irks me is that the main Legion site is currently showing off a select few images of a small amount of weapons. It’s more of a teaser than anything so i guess it’s doing …

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