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Wildstar Scrolls Online

For the first time in a really long time, i’m not jumping on a pair of new MMO releases.  Obviously both Wildstar and ESO are still in the beta phase but i feel like I’ve seen what i needed to see from both and have made the decision to not pursue either.  One was definitely more difficult than the other …

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What is Wildstar?

With winter beta around the corner, i figured i’d start talking about Wildstar a little more.  By that i mean talking about it at all of course.  I planned on being pretty quiet about it until i actually got a chance to play and see if my interest continued.  What the hell though! My initial reaction was fairly negative right …

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Wildstar Beta Leaks

Dontain tossed up a video today showing off some data mined features from the Wildstar beta client.  The class selection shows off 9 possible classes in the game, but I’m not sure about some of them personally.  One of the options is for an Elementalist, which doesn’t seem to fit the game theme at all with that name at least.  …

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Up at Noon with Jeremy Gaffney

Carbine Studio’s executive producer sits down and discusses Wildstar and an upcoming stress test.  Discussion begins at 5:35.

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