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Mattress Police – #Blaugust Day 19

  I’m back with another transmog set but this time for my warlock. I had been rocking a full green set for the longest time and i thought it was time for a change. I sort of had an overflow of green with that particular set and the fact that i have the green fire quest complete, so i wanted …

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Number Five

100 Warlock

My horde Warlock was sitting in limbo for about six months. He was stuck at level 90 and i had zero desire to level him as a horde. Something about having to see Orgrimmar again just made me cringe, so i left him there to wallow in his shame. Well i decided to give Blizzard more money than i should …

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Lock, Stock and Two Crazy Minions

My Shaman game plan took a crazy detour when i created an Undead Warlock on a whim.  The plan was to create one just to get myself a decent name reserved and then go back to leveling a Shaman. Well once i started messing around with some abilities, there was no going back.  It just sort of happened and before …

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