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Spaceballs the Mushroom

Oh man oh man. I’ve been so busy with the current raid tier that I’ve been slacking tremendously on my posting and on the blog overall. I’m not sure what kind of nut jobs keep up with my adventures but there seems to be a decent amount judging by my statistics. Time to get back to it. This time we’re …

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Unholy DK Weak Auras

  I thought i’d share my incredibly simple yet extremely useful Weak Auras 2 strings i created for my Unholy Death Knight.  These are by no means perfect and, as with any UI related modification, they’re a work in progress and never final.  These get the job done for me and my play style while remaining as clutter free as …

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Unholy Moly

It’s official.  I’ve made the switch from Frost DK to Unholy DK and i absolutely love it.  My initial hesitation to do so earlier was mostly in part to my utter dislike of pets and pet classes in general.  I don’t like managing them and they tend to do more harm than good sometimes.  The irony is not lost on …

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