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I’m Not a Gamer

Crawlers Nest

A gamer, to me, is someone that’s on top of the hottest new releases and dabbles in lots of different genres. Someone that has one or maybe two consoles and a fairly large PC library on Steam. Perhaps someone that’s constantly talking about having to get through a long list of backlogged games he’s been meaning to catch up on. …

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If you haven’t seen this film yet, go now. I’ve been a Nolan fanboy ever since one of my jackass friends insisted i watch Memento back in 2000. Now i’m not saying the man is Kubrick or Lean, but i love the way he puts his movies together. Been anticipating this movie since it popped up online about a year …

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2000 – 2010

 Congratulations for being the worst decade in music history. There’s no argument to be had here.

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First Love

      Ah music, my first love. It’s been almost 10 years since my failed attempt to get my band going, but i won’t get into that. I have a very broad spectrum of influences, that sometimes clash with each other, but i think that’s what makes me appreciate it all. I’ll start off by saying i’m a die hard …

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