Oh ElvUI You Crack Me Up

So i logged in today and completely forgot what day it was.  My UI treated me to a lovely scene i did not expect and most certainly was not prepared for.  I'm normally alt tabbed while loading into the game so when i tabbed back, i was greeted by this [...]

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Fun With Fonts

During my leveling process, i fell in love with Mik Scrolling Battle Text.  It uncluttered all my damage numbers and condensed them into one simple frame.  Since i like minimal with less clutter, it was a perfect fit for my UI setup.  That is until i started doing some raids and [...]

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When i first began playing EQ2 and started looking for a UI replacement for the ugly default one, i turned to ProfitUI much like everyone else.  Ironically, this sort of went against my minimalist preferences when it comes to UI's in general.  While it eliminated certain frames such as the [...]

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