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Outfits UI

I shouldn’t be shocked that Blizzard has once again taken a system another MMO does better and implement their own version. What bothers me the most is that it took this damn long. I’m of course talking about the revamped transmog system coming with Legion. One that i’ve personally been begging for since i started playing the game. That of …

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Mattress Police – #Blaugust Day 19

  I’m back with another transmog set but this time for my warlock. I had been rocking a full green set for the longest time and i thought it was time for a change. I sort of had an overflow of green with that particular set and the fact that i have the green fire quest complete, so i wanted …

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Token vs. Transmog

I normally have absolutely terrible luck when it comes to opening salvage crates. I never get anything worthwhile out of them other than follower armor/weapon upgrades. I must have opened thousands of those suckers by now across my four characters with not much to show. My normal routine is to speed click through them so i can vendor all the …

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Fashion Week: Warrior

  The moment i decided to level a warrior was the moment i knew exactly which set i wanted for my transmog. It was tier 10 all the way and there really was no alternative. Everything about this tier screams Warrior to me, from the horned helmet to the boar head shoulders. It has rage emanating from every nook and …

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Fashion Week: Death Knight 2

  Another week and another Death Knight transmog. I typically bounce back and forth between numerous plate sets but this one has been my go to for some time now. While this set screams “Frost”, i do not play that spec for PVE so i use this as my Unholy set. It would be amazing if this set existed in …

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