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Gone Fishin’

Ding 90 Shadowknight!  I’m sure most people probably did these 5 levels on their heroic characters in a night or two, but I’ve been taking my time.  Well, maybe not so much going slow as spending way too much time on housing and not enough on anything else.  Either way, it finally happened and what better way than by slaughtering …

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Shadowknight Sexiness

I’m really digging the armor selection so far on my SK.  Granted, they do a really good job at hiding just how ugly the character models are, but i still like it.  Hurray for appearance slots and capes as well.  Yet more options that seem to be overlooked in newer MMO’s.  Being a huge fashion diva in my MMO’s always …

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Better Late Than Never

It’s 8.5 years later and I’m playing EQ2 for the first time.  I’ve had this game installed for almost 3 years and never got around to actually giving it a shot.  It’s a shame really because the game is surprisingly solid and quite fun.  Albeit it’s slow and clunky at times but it’s almost 9 years old so it’s expected. …

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