Blaugust 2015 Conqueror
Blaugust 2015 Conqueror
Blaugust 2015 Conqueror




     With the Storm Legion expansion comes a new class;  Battlecrab!  This new rogue soul is exceptional at battling evil forces of the deep.  This king of the crustaceans makes up for its slow movement speed with its devastating claw attacks that leaves complete chaos in its wake.  While not as [...]

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Just Deserts

I'm not sure what it is about desert maps in MMO's but i absolutely adore them.  Maybe it's my absolute love of the film Lawrence of Arabia, but i always enjoy a good sand desert over a lush jungle.  In fact, i absolutely hate jungle maps with a passion.  They [...]

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Ding 60

     DingTwo years and 4 months after my initial level 50 ding in Rift, I've reached 60.  I just love that word "ding", it just has a ring to it.  Wow, that was terrible yet I'm going with it.  I can't believe it's been so long honestly because it sure doesn't [...]

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Rift Mount Check

As i continue my week in Rift and my inevitable climb to 60 after over a year away, i decided to take some time between quests for some fun stuff.  I love collective anything i can, as I'm sure many others do as well.  This time i diverted my attention [...]

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