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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon Gameplay

In typical me fashion, I ended up missing the first ever Pantheon pre-alpha gameplay stream on Friday evening due to working late. I still could have watched it live but would have been unable to participate in the discussion and ask all the questions that I had. I decided to wait until I got home and watch the recording instead. …

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Contemplating Excuses

For the first time in a really long time, i’ve been without an MMO for over a month. It’s actually been pretty crazy and not as full of withdrawal as i’d imagined it would be. I was sure that after a few days i’d have been craving another fix, but i’ve been pretty calm about my hiatus from online adventures. …

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Classes vs. Roles

Pantheon Classes

The only new or in development MMORPG anywhere on my radar continues to be├é┬áPantheon. From a concept standpoint, it seems to scratch all my itches in all the rights spots. An old school themed and group focused rpg is what i’ve been craving for a while now. Unfortunately every new game touting any sort of similar elements all seem to …

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The Booze Talkin’ – #Blaugust Day 28

Summer Rental

  Against my better judgement, and i know i’m going to regret this later, i’m really looking forward to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. That is, if it ever actually sees the light of day. Yes the same MMO being developed by Brad McQuaid of EverQuest fame. Yes the same person that gave us the debacle that was Vanguard: Saga …

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