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Solo Instances

One of the aspects of Neverwinter that i surprisingly enjoy is the short solo instances.  They’re essentially all the same with a bunch of rooms with trash packs to defeat of your way to a story related boss.  Despite that fact, i enjoy them a lot more than the normal run of the mill fetch quests.  At some point i …

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Neverwinter Open Beta

Open beta, which is essentially a soft launch of sorts, is upon us.  While I’m still not sure i even enjoy the game, i thought I’d get a head start in leveling in hopes to avoid the crowd.  Oh how i underestimated players willingness to jump all over anything new.  After a 2 hour queue, which should have been expected …

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Neverwinter Beta

I had very little expectations going into this game.  After all, Cryptic is synonymous with cheap and over-instanced MMO’s.  I got the same exact vibe as CO and STO when i logged in.  The game actually looks pretty good on max setting but again, it feels very claustrophobic.  It’s difficult to explain but it’s very similar to how The Old …

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