Vitreous Stone Drake

I decided to begin working on collecting some mounts to add to my abysmally low count i currently have. Having fewer than ten starting bumming me out and motivated me to get going.  For some unknown reason i set my sights on Stonecore and the Vitreous Stone Drake mount.  Going [...]

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Rift Mount Check

As i continue my week in Rift and my inevitable climb to 60 after over a year away, i decided to take some time between quests for some fun stuff.  I love collective anything i can, as I'm sure many others do as well.  This time i diverted my attention [...]

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EQ2 Mount Check

I was lucky enough to have created my account long enough ago to qualify for the free prowler mount given to everyone last year.  The rest of my mounts are all rewards from quests in certain zones.  There's a rather large variety but I'm trying to stay away from any [...]

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