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MountQuest #136

It’s been quite a while since my last mount conquest. Luck has zero to do with it this time fortunately. It had everything to do with not logging into WoW for the better part of three months now. What dragged me back this time? It certainly wasn’t the actual game or some gameplay related feature that’s for sure. No, it …

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MountQuest #135 – Happy Festivus

Amani Battle Bear

This one is a little bit late but you know what they say. I’ll call this one a Festivus miracle and place it somewhere between the airing of the grievances and the feats of strength. Thanks to a friend of mine i was able to snag myself an Amani Battle Bear out of Zul’Aman. Obviously this was another super simple mount …

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MountQuest #134

Blue Dragonhawk

  This mount had me doing a double take and shaking my head for a bit. For some reason, i couldn’t figure out why my mount total went up by two after my last mount dropped. I thought i had somehow managed to forget a mount somewhere along the way. Had i just checked the achievement that popped up, all …

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MountQuest #133

Reins of the Bronze Drake

Once again i fail at collecting mounts. Another easy to acquire one that i was oblivious of, yet was super simple to get with a 100% drop rate. I’m of course talking about Reins of the Bronze Drake. Apparently i’ve never actually run The Culling of Stratholme on heroic difficulty or i’d have this mount already. Makes me wonder what other …

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MountQuest #132

Reins of the Grove Warden

Well this was a nice surprise to see once my short lived hiatus from WoW ended. Blizz decided to add a mount reward for killing Heroic Archimonde. I should say, it’s in the form of a quest rather than a drop, but it’s still nice to have. The quest is nothing more than talking to an npc once the killing …

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Get In, Get Out – #Blaugust Day 29 & MountQuest #130


  I’ve been in quite the mount drought for some time now in WoW. It’s definitely not for a lack of trying that’s for sure. It’s just been one of those extended periods where nothing seems to drop. Luckily for me, those times are often followed by short windows where mounts seem to fall from the sky. I’m talking two …

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There Will Be No World – #Blaugust Day 13 & MountQuest #129

Red Sonja

Reputations and daily quests are the foundation upon which great MMO’s are built. Without them players would be unable to function properly. What would one do after logging in if there was no marker telling them to go hear and do this in order to become exalted with some form of faction or order? They’d be bored out of their …

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I’ll Let You Crash It – #Blaugust Day 8 & MountQuest #128

King Solomon's Mine

I had one of those Allan Quatermain moments. One of those right place at the right time sort of things. Come to think of it, Allan would be at the wrong place at the wrong time but i’m going with it regardless. It was more of a not paying attention and just lucking into a advantageous situation through no effort …

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MountQuest #127


This one had been sitting in my bag for a couple of weeks now. I acquired Coalfist Gronnling from a garrison mission a ways back and wasn’t sure if i should add it to my collection or not. The going price on the auction house was tempting me and pulling me towards listing. My decision to sit on it for a few …

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MountQuest #126

I have absolutely no idea what happened to mount #125. Apparently i have it but have no idea which one it is, so i’m going to gloss over it for the time being. I’ve gone over my list countless times and still can’t figure it out, so to the vault it goes. Number 126 is the Soaring Skyterror which i collected from …

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