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I Am the Champion

I’ve been in one of my moods for the past month or so. One of those bored with everything and nothing interests me kind of moods. WoW has been on the back burner for quite some time as i wait for Legion. Other than the random mount farm here and there, I’ve not logged on much. If i were still …

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Everything Else is Cream Cheese – #Blaugust Day 26

Teen Wolf

  Well it didn’t take me very long to delve into the outfit market in Lotro. I knew it wouldn’t but i somehow tried to convince myself otherwise. This game really does have some absolutely outstanding cloaks and capes. I’m partial myself to the hooded cloaks, which i managed to snag from either a quest or a gift box. I …

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Game’s Over! – #Blaugust Day 25

Missing in Action 2

  I was in the mood for a little change of pace. My raid progression in WoW is moving a bit slowly and with garrisons all but destroying my will to level or gear up any of my alts, i decided to dust off Lotro for a bit. I’ve been playing it off and on, but mostly off, for almost …

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Lotro Exploration

Thought I’d fire up LOTRO after a few months and run around for a bit.  I absolutely adore the game world and wish more MMO’s would follow suit.  It’s unfortunate that the combat, character models, and animations are so mediocre or this could be a fantastic game.  Since I’m only 32, i couldn’t explore everywhere, but i ran around Bree, …

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No, not the beta i was hoping for. Once again snubbed on getting into the FFXIV beta. I did however get into the beta for LOTRO for when it goes free to play. The games a little too solo based for me but still enjoyable. It does seem to be a roleplayers dream come true. Kat, you would love this …

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Making my rounds of free trials and garbage FTP’s landed me on LOTRO a few months back. I’m not going to claim to know a damn thing about the game later on as i only made it to level 14 playing sparingly, but it’s a pretty damn solid game. I’m not sure why everyone that hates WoW and is looking …

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