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LFR Hero – Kor’kron Dark Shaman

The seventh boss and second to last in the second wing of Siege of Orgrimmar is Kor’kron Dark Shaman. My enjoyment of this encounter is dependent on whether or not i’m melee or ranged.  On my Hunter this fight is enjoyable but on my DK this fight is such a pain.  This is by far my least favorite encounter in the …

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LFR Hero – Sha of Pride

We come to the fourth and final boss of the first wing of Siege of Orgrimmar.  This just happens to be my favorite fight of the first wings for two reasons.  The first being that i love AoE fights and this one doesn’t disappoint with all the little adds spawning all over.  The second reason being that so many people …

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LFR Hero – Norushen

Continuing on with the third boss of the first wing of Siege of Orgrimmar.

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LFR Hero – The Fallen Protectors

Continuing on with the second boss(s) is Siege of Orgrimmar.  Nothing meaner than a DK beating on some pandas.  I’ll make an exception in this case but only because they’re mean as well.

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LFR Hero – Immerseus

It’s been almost five months since i started playing WoW for the first time.  I realized how much I’ve been slacking when it comes to recording in game footage, which i love to do.  I’ve done pretty much none!  The only downside is of course i’m limited to doing so in either Looking for Raid or random Flex groups, which …

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