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Level 100

Cloaken Dagger

100 Rogue

My goal for the last week and a half was to finish leveling my Rogue before 6.2. I’ve officially completed that task in rather quick fashion taking my grand total to six level 100’s. I took advantage of the 20% experience buff from the outpost in Spires of Arak as well as the 20% boost provided by my garrison npc …

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Number Five

100 Warlock

My horde Warlock was sitting in limbo for about six months. He was stuck at level 90 and i had zero desire to level him as a horde. Something about having to see Orgrimmar again just made me cringe, so i left him there to wallow in his shame. Well i decided to give Blizzard more money than i should …

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Ding 100!

  I finally won the battle of the queue boss and managed to ding my DK. After consistent 6k queues all week, it finally returned to normal today. It’s amazing how quickly the final levels went by when i’m actually able to log on. Boy did they go by quickly. Before i realized it, i was a few bars from …

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