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Betas and Trailers

I’ll never understand betas for a game i’m already playing. Now a new game that may be on the horizon as a brand new entity, i’d be all over. For something i’ve been playing for a while? Not so much. That would take the fun out of the game for me. I don’t like knowing and don’t want to know …

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Outfits UI

I shouldn’t be shocked that Blizzard has once again taken a system another MMO does better and implement their own version. What bothers me the most is that it took this damn long. I’m of course talking about the revamped transmog system coming with Legion. One that i’ve personally been begging for since i started playing the game. That of …

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Delusions of Grandeur – #Blaugust Day 10


I decided to take a few days to fully digest the new WoW expansion news before commenting. Normally for anything like this, the initial excitement can sometimes cloud judgement and can push opinions way farther to the positive than often times is warranted. This was no exception for me as i sat there watching the stream like a little kid …

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