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Waterballoons Off a Roof – #Blaugust Day 12

Today i thought i’d discuss something about Legion that’s absolutely driving me crazy. It happens to be about the concept of turning Survival hunters into a melee spec. It makes absolutely zero sense to me in every conceivable way imaginable. Now i’m all for spec diversity which is why i do agree one of the hunter specs needs to change. …

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Hunter Becomes Archer

For my third level 100 i decided to transfer my Hunter over to Stormrage. I also decided to change it up a bit so i went from Blood Elf female to Human male. I had no real reason for doing so other than it just feeling right at the time. Blizzard sure knows how to milk me out of my …

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Hunter Transmog Complete

I’ve been working on my Hunter set for what feels like forever now.  Every piece i was looking for I’ve had for months and months now except one.  The dreaded Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas from Sunwell Plateau had been eluding me .  After 14 weeks of terrible RNG, the damn bow finally dropped for me which completed my transmog set.  What other …

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Cloak #3

After 3 weeks of terrible luck despite the Gaze of the Black Prince buff, i managed to finish off my third legendary cloak.  This time it was for my Hunter and it was long overdue.  The buff was a myth as far as my Hunter is concerned.  I had much better luck with Titan Runestone drops before the buff was even implemented.  Random …

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Recruit a Hunter

I took advantage of the ridiculous exp bonus provided by the recruit a friend program to get my second class to 90.  While i typically hate pet classes, and this one is no exception, i decided to get my Hunter to max. I’ve always loved petless rangers and archers so i play hunter just like one!  I’m absolutely horrid at …

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