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Spaceballs the Mushroom

Oh man oh man. I’ve been so busy with the current raid tier that I’ve been slacking tremendously on my posting and on the blog overall. I’m not sure what kind of nut jobs keep up with my adventures but there seems to be a decent amount judging by my statistics. Time to get back to it. This time we’re …

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Battle of the Butchers

  My money’s on Bill Cutting, but then he’s a psychopath and you always bet on them in a fight. This is probably my least favorite encounter in all of WoW, mostly due to the static nature of it. This is the gear check boss that tests your raid’s damage and healing and not much else. Sure there’s a tiny …

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The One From Gladiator

It’s about a month late but here’s my Heroic Kargath Bladefist kill. We in the guild like to call bosses by different names since the ones Blizzard seem to come up with recently feel like jumbled up messes. This one is obviously obvious, obviously. While i’m typically not selected to go up into the stands, i did manage to sneak …

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