Blaugust 2015 Conqueror
Blaugust 2015 Conqueror
Blaugust 2015 Conqueror



Hammerknell Vids

Since i haven't played Rift in 3 months now, i thought I'd gather all of our Hammerknell vids in one spot. Missing Rune King and Inwar somehow so I'll have to yell at someone to get me those. There's of course no Akylios vid since we stopped playing before we [...]

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Hammerknell & patch 1.3

June 22nd marks the release of yet another huge patch for Rift. The Waves of Madness events kicks off leading to the eventual opening of the new 20-man raid zone Hammerknell, the dwarven city in the hills of Moonshade Highlands.   Trion released a nice teaser trailer:   Russ Brown takes us [...]

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