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Frosty Mage

  It was about time i headed into the Eye of Eternity to get myself a Hailstorm for my Mage to complete my Frost transmog set.  I mean what frost set of any kind is complete without a Hailstorm anyways?  Get it together, of course the answer is none.  How much more frost could a frost set be without a …

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Icicles vs. Lightsabers

In my ever evolving item transmogrification collection, I’ve added a new sword.  The Spellfire Longsword now joins my Hailstorm as the two main weapons i bounce between.  I can’t decide if i like the icicle or lightsaber look more but these are by far my two favorite sword skins.  They just fit perfectly with the whole frost motif I’ve been going for.  I’m sure …

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