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Release the Kraken


That’s what i want to say when i think of the shipyards. To say i despise the damn thing would be putting it mildly. Every time i wander down the path around the corner towards the shore, in the back of my mind i hope to see this in the distance. This is my best care scenario for what i’d …

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You Sunk My Garrison

Garrison Shipyards

  What’s worse than having to deal with one garrison mission table? Having to manage two of them of course! I’ve gone through lengthy posts on what i think of garrisons, so i won’t get too in depth here, but lets just say this is not what i was hoping for when i heard shipyards were going to be implemented. …

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The Great Garrison Debacle

I was all set to give my opinions on Garrisons and then Preach releases a video that pretty much covers everything i was thinking and then some. It’s a good watch if you are so inclined. It may be a bit long for some but i feel he covers all of the aspects while trying to give solutions to what …

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