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Gruul Smash

Finally i can get back to grabbing some boss kill videos. It’s been three months since Blackrock Foundry was opened for raiding so it’s better late than never i suppose. At this stage in our progress, this is basically farm content while we gear up some alts in the process. Speaking of alts, i’m deviating from my DK and gearing …

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Fashion Week: Warrior

  The moment i decided to level a warrior was the moment i knew exactly which set i wanted for my transmog. It was tier 10 all the way and there really was no alternative. Everything about this tier screams Warrior to me, from the horned helmet to the boar head shoulders. It has rage emanating from every nook and …

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The Thunder and the Fury

My warrior now joins my death knight, shaman, and hunter on the level 100 list. I took a bit of a detour and started fresh this time instead of finishing off my mage or warlock which are still stuck at 90. They’ll probably stay there a while since i’m finding it difficult to get any enjoyment out of them right …

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