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Battle Mage Engage

Another day and another transmog down.  This time i decided i wanted a sort of battle mage look, complete with a big sword of some sort.  Well it was easier than expected and all i had to do was hit up the auction house for some crafted blues.  The shoulders took some waiting and seemed the most difficult to get …

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Frosty Mage

  It was about time i headed into the Eye of Eternity to get myself a Hailstorm for my Mage to complete my Frost transmog set.  I mean what frost set of any kind is complete without a Hailstorm anyways?  Get it together, of course the answer is none.  How much more frost could a frost set be without a …

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Boosted 90 Newbie

After careful deliberation i decided to use my free 90 boost on a Mage.  I went back and forth for a while between that and Shaman but the deciding factor was race.  As in, i dislike every race in the game other than humans and blood elves!  Since neither can roll a Shaman, that left me with the all powerful …

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