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Flying Mounts

Hate/Love Flying

World of Warcraft Flying Mounts

Today was the day of the ever highly anticipated flying patch. I was both bummed and excited in a way only i could be. Now, i’m sure other people feel the same way as i do, but perhaps in a different way. You see, i love flying but wish it was never implemented in the first place. It’s such a …

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Forward My Mail – #Blaugust Day 20

Just One of the Guys

The much anticipated patch 6.2.2 seems to be just around the corner. According to a recent blue post, it’s tentative release date is going to be September 1st. That’s much sooner than my cynical self anticipated. I thought this patch would get dragged out as long as possible for no other reason than content spacing. Since it’s supposedly implementing flying, …

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Grand Treasure Hunter

Draenor Glider

With the news that flying is once again going to be making a comeback in a future 6.2 patch, i began working on a few achievements that will be required to unlock it. Oh the irony is not lost on me while completing the Grand Treasure Hunter achievement. I’m doing content to unlock something that would have made the content i’m doing …

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Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

Great Scott! Blizzard Blizzard vs. the playerbase and the great “no flying” controversy continues. The debate has only intensified after a recent Polygon interview with lead designer Ion Hazzikostas in which he stated that there won’t be future flying in Draenor or in possible future expansions either. The article itself sparking an over 100 page debate on MMO Champion with the vast …

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