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The Work of Ninjas – #Blaugust Day 11

  I'll give Blizzard credit for one thing - they certainly know how to surprise me. When they dropped the Legion bomb and began explaining their Artifact weapon system, i was immediately hooked. Every other aspect mentioned after that point was moot, as all i could think about was how [...]

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Return Home to Vana’diel

I can't believe i'm actually considering this but SE is holding another Return Home to Campaign on 9/10 -9/17.  I say another but this is actually the first i'm hearing about any such campaign.  This is probably mostly due to the game falling off my radar for the last four plus years [...]

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King Arthro

I was on a serious nostalgia trip the past week, much like i always am, and it got me thinking back to camping this little bastard.  So many sleepless nights lost and so many days of being a complete zombie at work because of a silly little crab.  King Arthro [...]

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