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Enhancement Shaman

Fear the Beard

Goodbye Orc and hello Dwarf. My transition from Horde to Alliance continued next with my Shaman. I’m not normally one for small races but, out of all the options that could play Shaman, this was by far my favorite. I’d be lying if i said it didn’t have a little to do with the recent Hobbit films, but Dwarves have …

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Five’s A Charm

With 6.0 around the corner, i was frantically trying to finish off my fifth and final legendary cloak. Well it happened just in time for my Shaman after a few weeks of horrible luck.  I say final because there’s no way in hell i’m doing another one of these quests in this expansion.  I’ve never been more sick of a …

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Alt Race

I’m not much of an alt-o-holic.  I know many people love leveling them for role playing purposes or just for the fun of it.  In modern day MMO’s, that’s just not my thing.  I say in modern since i loved leveling multiple classes/jobs in FFXI due to the ability to do so all on one character.  I loved having one …

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