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Everybody Can Change – #Blaugust Day 31

Rocky IV

  The long awaited day is finally here. The day of rest, if you will. The great Blaugust experiment has concluded and i’m still alive, albeit tired and cranky. When i began this journey a month ago, i had no idea what would be in store. Would i have enough material i wanted to share on a daily basis for …

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Follow Its Own Quest – #Blaugust Day 30


  Raids in my GW2? Well i shouldn’t really call it “my” since i’ve not played for almost two years now. Regardless, when i heard ArenaNet were implementing 10-man raids with the new expansion, i couldn’t help but sit up in my chair and get excited. I immediately clicked over to their website to see how much they were changing …

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Get In, Get Out – #Blaugust Day 29 & MountQuest #130


  I’ve been in quite the mount drought for some time now in WoW. It’s definitely not for a lack of trying that’s for sure. It’s just been one of those extended periods where nothing seems to drop. Luckily for me, those times are often followed by short windows where mounts seem to fall from the sky. I’m talking two …

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The Booze Talkin’ – #Blaugust Day 28

Summer Rental

  Against my better judgement, and i know i’m going to regret this later, i’m really looking forward to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. That is, if it ever actually sees the light of day. Yes the same MMO being developed by Brad McQuaid of EverQuest fame. Yes the same person that gave us the debacle that was Vanguard: Saga …

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Who’s Da Mastah? – #Blaugust Day 27

The Last Dragon

  When i got home from work yesterday, i was flooded with requests to check out friends stream tests and give opinions. I thought it was a bit odd at first until i realized it was for YouTube. A few months ago i heard they were planning on getting in the streaming game with an updated layout and theme, which …

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Everything Else is Cream Cheese – #Blaugust Day 26

Teen Wolf

  Well it didn’t take me very long to delve into the outfit market in Lotro. I knew it wouldn’t but i somehow tried to convince myself otherwise. This game really does have some absolutely outstanding cloaks and capes. I’m partial myself to the hooded cloaks, which i managed to snag from either a quest or a gift box. I …

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Game’s Over! – #Blaugust Day 25

Missing in Action 2

  I was in the mood for a little change of pace. My raid progression in WoW is moving a bit slowly and with garrisons all but destroying my will to level or gear up any of my alts, i decided to dust off Lotro for a bit. I’ve been playing it off and on, but mostly off, for almost …

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Light Without Dark – #Blaugust Day 24


  Some things can simply not be unseen. That’s quite alright though. I’d rather have the option and the freedom to create something as a player, regardless if that creation may possibly go overboard, than not have the option. One of those player created scenarios was on full display in what i believe is a tavern of some sorts in …

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Two Dollars – #Blaugust Day 23

Project Gorgon

  I finally decided to get on the Project Gorgon bandwagon and give the game a try. I’ve been wanting to download the game for a few months now but really haven’t had the time, or more importantly, the desire to do so. Thanks to a few bloggers i happen to follow, i convinced myself to take the plunge and …

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Series of Diversions – #Blaugust Day 22

  Going through my daily readings, i was reminded by Massively that we’re coming up on the ten year anniversary of the now infamous NGE debacle. I unfortunately can only look at this from an outsider point of view since i never played SWG before that time. I was too busy camping world spawns and sinking way too much time into FFXI …

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