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Black Desert Character Creator

In a very nice surprise, Black Desert Online released a stand alone character creator here. Not only does it appear to be free for anyone to download and try, but characters created can be saved for when the game actually launches later down the road. The tool comes in at just a bit over 6GB is size so keep that …

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Black Desert

I’ve been trying to stay away from this one. My concerted effort to skip any and all upcoming Korean MMO’s due to my history with them was bound to fail. I really thought i could do it this time and stay away. In fact, I’ve skipped any opportunities to read up about the game and I certainly avoided participating in …

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Black Desert – Calpheon City Tour

Steparu uploaded a freaking amazing Black Desert Online city tour video.  There’s absolutely nothing i can say that’ll do this video justice aside from the obvious amazing visual and art style quality.  It totally reminds me of how fantastic GW2’s cities are compared to every other MMO but that may just be my love for Divinity’s Reach talking.  I am …

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Black Desert Character Creation

What an i say except that i love a good character creator.  I’d say 90% of the ones we have today are terrible, especially from western development studios.  I understand the coins flips the other way when we start talking about content but it’s still no excuse for the junk creators we get over here in the west. Leave it …

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