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Purple People Eater

Guild Wars 2 Ascended Gear

My final piece of ascended armor has at long last been crafted. I’m now officially fully ascended and relieved to be so. While most of my materials were acquired through the ever exciting farming method, many of my remaining bits and pieces came thanks to the price drop in cloth materials from the auction house. That damn silk cloth was …

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Ascended Prep

Guild Wars 2

I’ve been a bit busy playing catchup with my gear in preparation for Heart of Thorns launch in a few days. Having zero pieces of ascended gear other than my rings, amulet, and back piece upon my return had me working overtime to try and acquire as many as i could before Friday’s launch. Thankfully, as annoying and time consuming …

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Upon returning to GW2 from my two-year hiatus, I was greeted with increased crafting levels. My level 400 armorsmith and weaponsmith needed to be brought up to the new cap of 500. As with any newer MMO where crafting is relatively easy and not very important, it didn’t take long to get myself to cap. Hurray for simple guides designed …

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