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Everything’ll Be Cool – #Blaugust Day 17


  Not much new info has seen the light pertaining to Artifact weapons. We’re a long way from anything resembling an expansion so it’s understandable. What irks me is that the main Legion site is currently showing off a select few images of a small amount of weapons. It’s more of a teaser than anything so i guess it’s doing …

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Big Cable-Knit Sweater – #Blaugust Day 14

Pee-Wees Big Adventure

  Blizzard has a really nice looking site up for the coming Legion expansion. I’m sure everyone has seen it already but i hadn’t come across it until yesterday. Call me late to the show if you will but i rarely visit their official site or forums so it was my first time seeing it. Along with the typical pre-purchase …

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The Work of Ninjas – #Blaugust Day 11

American Ninja

  I’ll give Blizzard credit for one thing – they certainly know how to surprise me. When they dropped the Legion bomb and began explaining their Artifact weapon system, i was immediately hooked. Every other aspect mentioned after that point was moot, as all i could think about was how they finally caught on to a system from a ten …

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