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Blaugust 2015 Conqueror
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Bloody Good Blood

My third and final DK weapon has climbed its way to level 35. Maw of the Damned is officially done with artifact power for a really long time. I don't like tanking any content other than solo randomness and silly stuff anyways There's nothing like running up to a world [...]

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Power Realized

After a short break for the holidays I got back to what I was doing for most of my WoW playtime the last month or so. That of course being world quests and farming artifact power for my DK weapons. Ah the lovely artifact system we have the pleasure of dealing [...]

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Apocalypse Now

I love the smell of expansions in the morning. The smell, you know that fresh start smell, the whole thing. Smells like excitement. With Legion finally here, bringing the new artifact weapon system with it, I can only be excited. While i see many players bouncing back and forth trying [...]

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Everything’ll Be Cool – #Blaugust Day 17

  Not much new info has seen the light pertaining to Artifact weapons. We're a long way from anything resembling an expansion so it's understandable. What irks me is that the main Legion site is currently showing off a select few images of a small amount of weapons. It's more [...]

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