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It never ceases to amaze me how so many players seem to go through a new MMO launch as if it were their first.  The never ending cries of queue this and queue that, fail this and fail that.  In the immortal words of Terry Tate office linebacker "that ain't nothing new baby."  Every new MMO [...]

ArcheAge Imagefest

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As per usual, i love taking screenshots in game.  I grabbed as many as i thought looked good or at least were interesting enough to show off the game.  While these only show off my experience during my first ten levels, they're a decent indicator of how fantastic the game looks in general.  It does look [...]

ArcheAge Character Creator

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I managed to snag an ArcheAge beta key from an Alienware giveaway last week which got me into the Closed Beta Event 2 that started yesterday.  As an avid and always outspoken advocate of expanded character creators, i have only good things to say about ArcheAge.  It's not really a surprise since Korean MMO's always have [...]

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