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FFXIV Character Creation

Since I’m unable to create a character on a legacy server and play with my guild, i thought I’d spend most of my time going through the character creator.  While the overall options are rather nice and seem plentiful at first glance, they rather lack where i believe it counts.  That would of course be the hair style options.  As …

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A Realm Reborn Beta

     I was greeted with a pleasant surprise Thursday morning with a ARR beta invite in my box which i was anxiously awaiting for a while.  I was super excited to hop back into the MMO i had waited years for prior to it’s initial release a few years ago, of which i dubbed “the worst MMO I’d ever played.  …

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A Realm Reborn Launch Date Set

     Take 2, Square Enix.  Despite my total disappointment with 1.0, which i considered the worst MMO I’d ever played, I plan on giving ARR a solid chance to redeem the franchise for me.  So far, I’ve seen lots of positives from beta footage to feedback from friends in the beta itself.  It appears as if SE has finally caught …

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