A New Home

A New Home

Holy cow it’s been quite some time since I last posted an update despite a whole bunch of stuff happening. Legion has kept be incredibly busy doing stuff I never thought I’d be willing to do again. Hint – they’re dailies disguised as something else. Anyway’s, my big update comes in the form of a server/realm move. Not too long ago i decided to make the switch from Stormrage to Korgath to play with some real life friends. This wasn’t as easy decision due to the fact that I rarely PVP and my new server is just that, a PVP server. I figured this to be a bad idea with the way i like to enjoy my time in game.

Despite my initial reluctance to move, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the lack of nonsense I assumed I’d see on such a server. Perhaps it’s due to the lower population or perhaps not all PVP servers are full of the scum of Azeroth as I’ve been lead to believe. Who am i kidding, it’s probably a mixture of both. Well I’ve been having a blast playing with people I know and not really rushing to get everything done as soon as possible. Could it be that I’ve finally found my own pace after all these years? Who knows! What I do know is I’m enjoying myself more than I thought I was going to so far.


I’ve only moved my DK over so far since that’s my main and will continue to be so. The rest of my characters still remain on Stormrage for now. I’ll always consider that server to be my home no matter where I end up in the future. It wasn’t my first server but it became my home when I decided to make the switch from Horde to Alliance some time ago. I’m not spending much time at all with any of them due to how Legion has been constructed, but I’m sure towards the end of the expansion I’ll get them leveled and geared up for any future content. For now they’re on the back burner until my main on my new server is finished with everything i’d like to complete. This may take a while with the way Legion is going.


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