8 Year Anniversary

Well that snuck up on me before I realized it! Apparently last week marked this blog’s eight year anniversary and it went by without me realizing. I attribute that to the fact that my posting has dropped off tremendously due to not actually playing an MMO at this time. It’s a bit of a bummer for sure but it happens to everyone at some point I suppose. I can’t really share my online adventures if I don’t have any! Hopefully that’ll change soon with Legion around the corner and possibly some betas from Pantheon or Camelot Unchained releasing at some point this year. I’m crossing my fingers for either.

First Blog Post

I’ve been slowly going through every single post on this blog due to migrating a few weeks ago. It has been a huge pain in the butt, but one that’s been so worth it thus far. Fixing post links and relinking all the images I’ve taken over the years have been the most time-consuming aspects of the migration by far. I’d like to say I’m about half done so far but that would be a bit generous. It’ll get there eventually. I’m not really worried about it at this time.

What i do find funny is how terrible my actual posts get the older they are. I guess that’s just part of the learning process when starting a blog. To say I had no clue what the hell i was doing would be an understatement. My first post ever was basically one sentence and an image of us prior to a guild event in FFXI. Looking back at it now i think I’m fine with that simplicity. I wasn’t attempting to push an agenda or throw my opinions on everything in everyone’s face. There were and still are plenty of blogs that do that better than I ever could. I’m more than content just sharing my adventures. Perhaps with a bit more content than a single sentence or image moving forward!

Hurray for EIGHT YEARS!

Ald Shot First 8 Years

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