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50 Gunslinger

After my free month was up in TOR, i was not very thrilled with the game and decided not to renew.  As always, i became bored and decided to resub in order to finish off my Gunslinger which i had left at level 43.  Call it stuborness but i just couldn’t leave a class unfinished and, to be honest, i sort of missed playing the class.

Shortly after dinging i ran some Ops with the guild and received some nice shiny stuff but i was quickly bored once again.  I realized i missed playing with friends more than the actual game itself.  If anything, it made me miss Rift a whole lot more.  So it’s goodbye again, possibly for good this time barring a miracle from Bioware.

The Old Republic Gunslinger
Remember, no matter where you go, there you are

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