Return to Telara Return to Telara

I thought I'd take advantage of 5 free days and return to Rift to see what the game actually looks like on a good PC.  At the time i a...

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BWE #3 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Waited in Queue BWE #3 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Waited in Queue

It was to be expected i suppose, being beta and all.  With the server caps raised and fewer server overall, the beginner zones were comple...

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Vana'diel invades Tyria Vana'diel invades Tyria

What does one do when he's bored and waiting on GW2?  He combines the old with the new of course!  This really does look weird but i m...

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Blazing Lazers Soundtrack Blazing Lazers Soundtrack

When i think of 1989, three things come to mind.  The first is the fall of the Berlin Wall, the se...

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How to succeed in WvWvW How to succeed in WvWvW

Thought I'd toss up a really nice writeup our guildie Maylei made on how to be successful in World vs. World with a smaller guild or a...

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Ascalonian Catacombs - Explorable Ascalonian Catacombs - Explorable

During the second beta weekend event, [VI] had the pleasure of tackling our first explorable mode ...

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