Guild Wars 2 - BWE1 Guild Wars 2 - BWE1

The long awaited weekend was upon us and VI dove in head first into ArenaNet's follow up to th...

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Lotro Exploration Lotro Exploration

Thought I'd fire up LOTRO after a few months and run around for a bit.  I absolutely adore the game world and wish more MMO's woul...

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Believe The Hype Believe The Hype

Full steam ahead in preparation for the beta event for the weekend of the 27th.

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Hammerknell Vids Hammerknell Vids

Since i haven't played Rift in 3 months now, i thought I'd gather all of our Hammerknell v...

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Got a chance to try out TERA's beta this past weekend.  I'll start off by saying that i couldn't really get a fair assessment ...

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