Rift XI Rift XI

Thought I'd mess with my UI and try to recreate the horribleness that was the FFXI UI. Best i could do! I have too many options. ...

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Rift Raids & Greenscale's Blight Rift Raids & Greenscale's Blight

Once you're 50 and geared yourself up in expert dungeons, it's time to rock. Raid rifts are essentially open world 10-man encounter...

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Bard4lyfe Bard4lyfe

What does one do when his favorite class, marksman, is nerfed to the ground in beta and completely subpar for anything? You become a bard o...

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Ding Ding Ding Ding

Level 50! Seven whole days to hit cap sounds like a grindfest eh? Not at all really. It's a bit weird because i didn't rush, nor di...

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